it Coated tablet coater drum IMA HT 50 tablets

it Coated tablet coater drum IMA HT 50 tablets

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it Tablet Coating / Coating Pump IMA HT50 Tablets Machine code: 22-573 Manufacturer: IMA Model: HT50 Year of manufacture: 2003 NEVER USED WITH AUTOMATIC WASHING SYSTEM. The GS IMA HT coating equipment is equipped with exhaust paddles for tablet and sugar coating and is equipped with blowing paddles and is suitable for pellets and microgranules, The use of a solid-walled trough allows processing of all product sizes and shapes without clogging. The shape of the trough and the smooth surface ensure perfect mixing and even distribution of the coating material. The patented drying system ensures that the drying air is conducted directly through the tablet mass, avoiding swirls and turbulences inside the trough.