it tableting machine FETTE P2100 double compression

it tableting machine FETTE P2100 double compression

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it Tablettes FETTE P2100 Machine code: 23-1103 Manufacturer: FETTE Model: P2100 Year of manufacture: n/a Fette P2100 Rotary Tablet Press, 29 sealing stations Max. pressing force 80kN, Keyway available for making capsule type tablets. Max. precompression force 15kN, Max. tablet diameter 25mm Max. tablet height 11mm Max. tablet production 130,500 pcs/h The machine can do pre-compression and then compression. Max. filling depth 22 mm Pitch circle diameter 410 mm, punching disc speed 22-75 min-1 Punch shape EU1 Diameter 38.1 mm Diameter height 23.8 m Diameter of punch shank 25,35 Upper and lower punch length 133,6 mm Immersion depth of upper punch 2-6 mm Projected floor area 1156x1306 mm Height of machine with/without hopper 2055/1920 mm Total weight 2500 kg